Presently, everybody is seeking to prosper. Hence, Prosperity has become one of the few words that people with itching ears want. So, the devil has smartly brought a misunderstanding and misapplication of that word. "Shalom" the word used by David in Psalm 35:27 (translated as Prosperity) is holistic. It includes other meanings as safety, peace, friendly disposition, well in health, welfare, etc. God's desire for His children to prosper is therefore holistic. It includes aspects of the Spirit, Soul, Body, Material, and Financial.
So, this book seeks to create the awareness of Prosperity in five main areas. It further discusses giving in seven areas. Hence, one who reads this book will not just stop being envious of people who have just prospered Materially and Financially, but would be provoked to prosper in other areas and would strive to give in all the seven areas to receive their peculiar blessings.