Goodness (towb) and mercy (Kesed). The Hebrew word "towb" can mean: goodly, fair, beautiful, pleasant; happiness, cheerful, joyful; welfare, wealth, prosperity, pleasure, etc. Thus, God's goodness makes people look goodly, fair, and beautiful outwardly. It further makes them happy, joyful, and cheerful emotionally. It finally makes them wealthy and prosperous.

"Kesed" has five connotations: mercy, kindness, grace, favour, and beauty. The "Kesed" of God therefore draws God's mercy, kindness, grace, favour, and beauty upon His children. The two words Goodness and Mercy should therefore not be taken literally because they have deeper insights. May the "towb" and "Kesed" of God lead you and be your rearward.
Rev. Willie Wilson is the overseer of the Bethkesed Ministries in Accra. He is simply called 'teacher' by the members, 'W.W.' by friends and 'didaskalos' by mentors.

He has taught in two Bible colleges and continues to minister in seminars, conferences, and revivals. He combines teaching and preaching with a prophetic flavour.
He is the author of 'Prosperity Made Simple,' Tithing Made Simple,' 'Rehoboth To Beersheba,' 'The Blood Made Simple,' Recover Your Blessings,' 'Tomorrow About This Time,' and 'The Overtaking Grace.'