The idea that one has to travel to a supposedly better endowed country before he will prosper is partially demonic. The reason being that the blessing of God is not restricted to a particular geographical area.
The polished idea that if you happen to live in a better endowed country, then you will automatically prosper is a defeatist mentality. That is because there are many poor people living in any country.

The question to be asked then is, "What must one do to prosper?" God gave that answer to Isaac thus - I will be with you; I will bless you. , So the divine presence will release the blessings. One will th&efore have to seek the divine presences, and that will release God's blessings upon him toprosper anywhere irrespective ofthe geographical area.
This book dilates more on the divine presence and of course what it means to be blessed of God.
The aim of the author is to see you become the blessed of the Lord anywhere
you will be.