The word "bless" seems to be losing its meaning,
because, it is used in a It' minimum of four ways. 
The Hebrew word for bless is "barak." When humankind 
petitions God for blessings, then "barak" can mean: 
a gift, to greet, to bow the knee to have peace, to pronounce blessings
upon another etc.
This book has summarized how God blessed Joseph, 
Jacob, Isaac, Abraham, he first Adam, and the last Adam (Jesus).
Apart from the first Adam who had blessings on a silver platter,
the rest of the patriachs worked for the fulfillment of the 
In the final analysis, their unique gifts caused people
and conditions to greet and bow before them. It further made them
to enjoy peace and pronounced blessings upon others. Covet and seek the 
Divine Blessing and you will enjoy the five-fold benefit of the 
blessed. May the Lord BLESS you!