Two words saved both the heavens and the earth. They are, "nevertheless" 
(Gethsemane) and "tetelestai," or "consummatum est," Latin (Golgotha). 
Though, the latter is one word in the Greek, it has been commonly translated as, 
"It Is Finished." Yet, "tetelestai can also mean: to complete, to conclude, to accomplish, 
to fulfill, to be ended, to pay dues, etc. Should I choose an appropriate phrase and connotation, then I shall prefer, "to pay dues, hence, It has been paid." Indeed, the wages of sin has been completely paid for.   

Yes, the ransom has been fully paid. Redemption has been fully purchased. Ironically, the redemption affected the heavens and its beings as well (Rev. 5:9). Thenceforth, the greatest hope and legacy of the saint is the divine blood of Jesus. It is the last leg in the earthly trinity which has never failed and shall never fail. God worked consistently and preserved that sperma from Abraham for 42 generations.   

The High Priest sprinkled blood seven times yearly with the finger in the Most Holy Place on the day of atonement. 
That has a linkage to the seven times and places that blood flowed from the body of Jesus. 
Immediately, that happened on Calvary, God reclaimed the seven stolen virtues from Satan (Rev. 5:12). 
And because saints are joint-heirs with the Lord Jesus, they have automatic access to these virtues once again.